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"For a long time, I’ve believed that business is a place where we bless and prosper each other. I’ve never understood the concept of cutthroat business, where you try to cheat and put one over on the other person. That doesn’t sound like a joyous way to live. There’s so much abundance in this world-all we need to do is recognize that fact and share the wealth."
Louise Hay

Mindset Editing Service is wholly owned and operated by DD Ramirez, a service-disabled veteran and cancer survivor. Mindset Editing Services is dedicated to serving anyone who feels the need:
• to accomplish great things in life
• to release negativity, co-dependency or unhealthy behaviors
• to grow beyond their present mindset and to find their bliss

We understand the journey in life can be arduous and finding relief from obstacles and challenges can prove so exhausting. Many of us turn to bad habits to fill the gap where we think happiness should be. Many of us struggle not to fall into despair… but you don't have to if you don't want to.

You have hard choices to make every day and you make the best decisions given the resources and knowledge at hand. We are all doing our best. But what would it feel like to do exactly what your heart or spirit wanted you to do? What if you had limitless freedom? Who would you be then? What if money or health issues were no object? The possibilities are limitless.

Now imagine if YOU had an idea for better living? What if you developed a better method of converting a negative behavior into a positive outcome? What if you had a fear of success or another fear-based behavior that you overcame? Mindset Editing Services encourages you rewrite your mental scripts or the spiritual software by which you operate your daily life.

Scientific evidence and spiritual teachings insist there are natural ways to adjust a mindset that interferes with success; converting it into one that elevates you to your highest good. Utilizing holistic and integrated healing practices, your Mindset Editing Coach works in concert with you to help design and build the life you desire.

Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy provide an organic and effective toolset for anyone to looking to change their life. Together we will develop a clearer understanding of your desired outcomes and goals by studying the obstacles in your mindset. We work to find the positive ideas, words and actions that make the most sense to you.

No two people are alike just as no two Mindset Editing sessions are alike. Cookie cutter life transformations are not our style because "one size" does not fit all. Mindset Editing Coaches focus their attention on listening to you, understanding your intentions and helping you map out your direction in life. The steps are yours to take, as are the rewards.

The invitation to begin is yours. Join this group and find out more.
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