By Montel Williams in General 14th Feb, 2020 Video Duration: 01:03:15
After a freak accident, Michael Zaytsev went from working in corporate America in positions at JP Morgan and Google, to being on disability. Cannabis was one of Michael’s only sources of joy and pain relief during that time. Post recovery, he went back to work at a startup in the tech world. His near-death accident demonstrated that that he couldn’t take his time on this Earth for granted, so he quit his job after 6 months to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur and started a life coaching business. Michael is the founder of High NY, an organization that puts on community events to connect and educate people on cannabis. He is also the author of two books, “THE CANNABIS BOOK: HOW TO SUCCEED IN WEEK ACCORDING TO 50 INDUSTRY INSIDERS” (2019) AND “THE ENTREPRENEUR’S GUIDE TO CANNABIS” (2016).





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