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Bctalk, be simple, be social

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Bctalk, be simple, be social
Bctalk is a cross-platform, cross-operator and cross-border free social software based on block chain technology. Users can use bctalk to exchange encrypted and self-destruct messages with each other, send text, pictures, voice, video, location, etc., and can also directly initiate voice and video communication to directly close the distance between you and friends, colleagues and strangers. "People nearby" can help you find a large number of strange friends, make friends, date and expand your circle of friends.
Features of bctalk:
1. Security and Privacy
Bctalk has a self-developed account encryption system, which enables users to reinforce their information security and avoid hacker attacks. All message data are highly encrypted and can chat freely at ease.

2. Message cloud storage
BCTALK can ensure that messages sent and received by users are stored in a very secure and encrypted cloud to ensure that data is not lost. At the same time, if the user account is cancelled, all relevant messages of the user will be automatically deleted to ensure the privacy of the user's information and data.

3. Message Synchronization
bctalk supports users to be online at multiple terminals at the same time, ensuring message synchronization and multi-device message synchronization, thus avoiding the trouble that users cannot share information due to multi-terminal device login.

4. Convenient operation
BCTALK provides users with social diversity. Its products have novel functions and simple and easy-to-use designs, providing users with the most convenient and comfortable user experience and enjoying pure social fun.

5. Cross-platform and Cross-border
It supports various types of communication operators in many countries around the world and is convenient and fast to register and log in.

Bctalk advantage function

The future of bctalk:

Free IM
Free global instant messaging tools create a social network of acquaintances and strangers to meet users' fast, instant, trendy and safe social needs.

Life Services
BCTALK covers various daily life scenes such as virtual number, recharge and living payment for users, lowering the threshold for cross-border living transactions. At the same time, we will provide more life services for users in the future.

Commercial Services
BCTALK connects business forms in different fields around the world in a platform mode to provide accurate drainage for cooperation platforms and merchants. To create a business ecological circle from various aspects and angles.
Financial Services
Bctalk connects domestic and overseas banks and financial service institutions to provide users with various financial services. Convenient and fast payment methods can bring better use experience to users.
Our goal:
Bctalk service tenet: make communication simpler and broader, where users can show themselves in various ways and to have fun.

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